Air International 2019-01
R.Niccoli - Complex aviation /Military/
A pair of Mangustas fire cannons and rockets.
A Mangusta prepares to lift off to escort an ICH-47F during CAEX 2018-II
The door gunner watches the photographer as his Agusta-Bell AB205A, or UH-205 MM80705/EI 334, departs the landing zone in Sardinia.
Troops duck for cover as they disembark ICH-47F Chinook MM81783/EI 706 of 11° Gruppo Squadroni 'Ercole' somewhere in Sardinia.
One of several nearly-new ICH-47F Chinooks that took part in the exercise. Note the M134 six-barrel rotary machine guns in the cabin doors, part of the helicopter's self-defence system.
One of two Esercito Italiano Agusta-Bell 412s, or HH-412As in Italian parlance, to take part in CAEX 2018-II, MM81359/EI 468 swings around before landing.
An Agusta-Bell HH-412A turns toward a landing zone.