Air International 2019-01
A.Spaeth - Small island, big jets /Commercial/
Airbus A340-313X 3B-NBE (msn 268) has been used by Air Mauritius since April 1999. Most of the airline's A340s are to be phased out, although two will be retained for a few more years and be upgraded with a new interior.
Two A330-202s, including 3B-NPL (msn 1057), have served Air Mauritius since the late 2000s. The carrier is set to become an early operator of the next-generation A330-900.
Air Mauritius'first Airbus A350-941 3B-NBP (msn 145), pictured on delivery in 2017. The airline will receive four more examples over the coming years.
Air Mauritius operates two Airbus A319-112s, including 3B-NBH (msn 1936) seen here, for short-haul services. The carrier intends to place an order for new single-aisles within the next year.