Air International 2019-03
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This image of Tu-160 11 Vasily Senko at Engels Air Base shows the vertical stabiliser rotated to the right.
Tu-160 10 Nikolay Kuznetsov on final approach to Engels Air Base.
In March 2016, Tu-160 ‘Valentin Bliznyuk' was seen in the Kazan factory probably being upgraded to Tu-160M standard with new radar and avionics. In 2006, the same aircraft completed the first-stage of modernisation to Tu-160M1 standard. The two unfinished airframes seen in the background will probably serve as new Tu-160M2 prototypes.
Tail configuration of a Tu-160 showing the electronic countermeasure sensors.
A Kh-101 missile moments after release from the weapon bay of a Tu-160 ‘15’ Vladimir Sudets before rocket motor ignition bound for a target in Syria on November 17, 2015, the first day of combat use for both the bomber and the missile.
Loading a Kh-101 missile into a Tu-160's weapon bay.
A Tu-160 releases a Kh-101 missile against a target in Syria.
This image depicts the Tu-160's wing fence.
Two hydraulic trapeze arms eject a Kh-101 missile out of a Tu-160's the left side weapon bay.
Tu-160 ‘Aleksandr Golovanov’, then dubbed ‘Ilya Muromets’, side number 05 and serial number 7-05 (the fifth aircraft of the seventh production batch), was the lead aircraft in an air parade to mark the 50th anniversary of Victory Day on May 9, 1995.
The flight deck of a Tu-160.
Control panels and instruments of the self-defence operator's workstation.