Air International 2019-03
F.Visser - Holland's new military pilot training pipeline /Military/
Despite its 50-year plus age, the T-38 remains a good aircraft for pilot training.
Breaking left over northern Texas, pilots from the 469th Flying Training Squadron practise three- ship formation flying.
Phase 3 of the course includes instrument flying during which the student occupies the aft cockpit with the canopy masked to prevent any visual regard.
Lieutenant Colonel Winston Wolczak of the 90th Flying Training Squadron checks his T-38C Talon before his mission.
Mission complete; the formation lead pilot breaks left to head for Sheppard Air Force Base which is located near to the city of San Antonio.
Three T-38C Talons assigned to the 469th Flying Training Squadron 'Fighting Bulls', one of three T-38C squadrons within the 80th Flying Training Wing.
A T-38C Talon assigned to the 88th Fighter Training Squadron 'Lucky Devils' ready for an early morning mission.
Two Fighting Bulls out on the northern Texas range near Sheppard Air Force Base, home of the 80th Flying Training Wing, the host unit of the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program; the only internationally manned and managed undergraduate pilot training programme in the world.
Final briefing of an American student pilot with his Italian instructor before their T-6A mission starts.
The shape and form of the Pilatus PC-7 are recognizable in the Beechcraft T-6A Texan II, which was derived from the PC-7's bigger brother the PC-9.
Two T-6A Texans IIs assigned to the 89th Flying Training Squadron head toward the runway at Sheppard Air Force Base.
In all phases of the course, the simulator forms an indispensable element in which instructors teach students, but also students help each other.