Air International 2019-07
I.Harding - Norwegian AW101s /Military/
Norway's AW101 is the first variant to be equipped with Leonardo-Finmeccanica's Osprey AESA radar which provides a 360° field of view. The system comprises three flat panels; one in the aircraft's nose cone and two at the rear of the aircraft facing outward to create a 360° view. The system enables flight crew to electronically steer the radar beam to obtain radar images which are then fused with other sensor data to develop a clear image of flying conditions.
Norwegian and LH personnel conduct winch training aboard Norway 02.
Norway 03 performing search and rescue training during the OT&E phase.
Norwegian aircrew training on the Full Flight Simulator at Leonardo Helicopters new AW101 Norway Training Centre located at Sola-Stavanger Airport. As well as training Norwegian aircrew, the simulator will be available to other AW101 customers.