Air International 2019-10
P.Butowski - Aviadarts 2019 /Military/
MiG-31K Kinzals, side numbers 89 and 99, over the Dubrovichi range, each armed with an air-launched version of the Iskander air-to-ground ballistic missile.
Winner of the attack category was Kazakh Air Defence Force Su-25 02.
Belarussian Air Force Yak-130s, side numbers 79 and 81, take off from Ryazan for a Aviadarts mission. Belarus Yak-130s are painted in a striking paint scheme comprising two shade of green and two shades of grey. The Belarus Yak-130 fleet is assigned to the 116th Guards Attack Air Base at Lida.
People’s Liberation Army Air Force Chengdu Xian JH-7A fighter-bomber, serial number 83291, takes off from Ryazan in full afterburner from the two Xian WS-9 turbofan engines each generating 20,515lb (54.29kN).
People's Liberation Army Air Force Chengdu J-10A fighter, serial number 61599, carrying a 90mm rocket pod loaded on a pylon under each wing.
People's Liberation Army Air Force Xian H-6K bomber, 41171, landing at Ryazan Air Base.
Fitted with a Vitebsk self-defence suite, the crew of Belarussian Mi-8MTV-5 85 won the Aviadarts transport assault category.
The crew of People's Liberation Army Air Force Shaanxi Y-9 transport aircraft, serial number 10253, won the transport category at Aviadarts.