Air International 2020-03
M.Ayton - Texan Time /Military/
The old and the new: a Tucano T1 peels away from a Texan T1.
The No 72 Squadron flightline with a mountain backdrop of North Wales.
Texan T1 ZM328 at Valley in late February 2019 during evaluation by a QinetiQ test pilot. The flight test programme was staged to compare the likeness of the dome simulator to the aircraft.
An RAF-operated Beechcraft T-6C Texan T1, registration ZM327 (c/n RM-125) in flight over Anglesey, north Wales.
A pilot gives a thumbs-up to the camera prior to one of the earliest Texan sorties flown from Valley.
ZM325 returns to RAF Valley at the culmination of a validation sortie in June 2019. Texan aircrews wear the Gentex HGU-55/P helmet as shown in this image.
UK Texan T1s are painted in the standard overall black colour scheme used by the Hawk T2 and other advanced trainer aircraft, although they feature the same yellow wing flashes as the Tucano.
Six of the ten Texan T1s form an impressive flight line at Valley.