Air International 2020-03
K.Chapman - The Future is FARA /Military/
Mirror image - although similar in looks, the Invictus and RAH-66 (pictured) could not be more different. Unlike the Invictus, the RAH-66 was developed as a stealth platform.
Sikorsky are very much ahead of the curve when it comes to development, with the S-97 demonstrator having already flown and in continued testing and the results being used to support its FARA-CP proposal. Here is S-97, registration N972SK (c/n 97-0002), in flight.
The US Army seeks a platform which will be able to operate in tight, enclosed spaces such as urban areas, forests and canyons.
Sikorsky's Raider X in flight.
A rendering of Boeing's proposed AH-64E Block 2 Compound Apache was unveiled in late 2018. The aircraft had a basic AH-64 design with the addition of wings, a more rounded cockpit canopy and a pusher propeller.
At first, the service looked at replacing its OH-58D fleet with the OH-58F - the OH-58F pictured made its first flight in April 2013. However, the programme was cancelled in early 2014.
Concept art of the AVX Compound Coaxial Helicopter (CCH) in flight.
Another angle of the CCH, showing the platform with its landing gear down.
AVX-L3 Technologies is offering a compound helicopter, which based on this shot appears to be a clean-sheet design with coaxial rotors and dual ducted fans.
A look into the future. The FARA-CP programme is set to follow a transformational approach to deliver the US Army's next-generation light scout/attack/reconnaissance helicopter.
Artist impressions of the Bell Invictus 360.
A graphic showing the Bell 360 Invictus with its landing gear deployed.
Karem Aircraft's submission for the FARA-CP programme - the AR40 - in flight.
The AR40 in flight.