Air International 2020-04
R.Burgess - Naval Aviation the Next Decade
The final AH-1Ws will retire soon as recapitalisation with the newer AH-1Z is completed.
The maiden flight of the first CMV-22B took place at Bell’s facility in Amarillo, Texas, in December 2019.
A Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet - BuNo 166920 'NF-105' (c/n F228) - conducts flight operations over Mount Fuji, Japan, in January 2020.
The US Navy is set to halt Super Hornet production early to free up funds for its next-generation fighter.
The CH-53K is ramping up its flight-test work and will soon start replacing the CH-53E in service.
The first MQ-25 Stingray, N234MV, during its maiden flight.
The navy is looking at more unmanned options, building on the current MQ-25 initiative.