Air International 2020-05
F.Visser, L.Mennes - Leeuwarden Training Centre of Excellence
Vortices stream from a Dutch F-16AM turning hard during basic fighter manoeuvres training while on an FWIT mission last July.
A heavily armed Belgian F-16AM taxies out at Leeuwarden for an early-morning FWIT mission. Both air-to-air and air-to-ground phases were flown from Leeuwarden for the latest course.
FWIT missions were flown regardless of the weather. This Portuguese Air Force F-16AM was taking off from Leeuwarden last September.
A Belgian Air Component C-130H takes off from the Danish island of Romo.
Flares are ejected from a Belgian C-130H during TWIC.
This Dutch loadmaster is preparing for the next TWIC mission.
The first debrief for an RNLAF Hercules after a beach landing as part of TWIC.
A study of crew concentration on the flight deck of a Dutch C-130H during a TWIC mission.
Third-generation Red Air was provided by this Hawk T1A 'aggressor' from the RAF's No 100 Squadron.