Air International 2020-06
P.Butowski - Russian Review
PRIOR TO 2014, Russia planned to resume production of a modernised An-124-300V super-heavy transport aircraft in Ulyanovsk, just as they had previously launched production of the smaller Il-76MD-90A.The first new An-124s were to be constructed in 2020, and it was planned to produce 45 in total. After 2014, these plans became impossible, as the Ukrainian Antonov company retained the rights to the An-124. A future replacement for the An-124 may be found in the Slon (Elephant), a fairly conservative project being developed by TsAGI.
A pair of MIG-31K Kinzhal strike aircraft - Bort numbers '90 Red' and ‘92 Red' - over Red Square in May 2018.
A single-seat Su-35S fighter is presented to officials from the Azerbaijani defence ministry last April.
Mi-38T 38015 (c/n 26001) configured for the transport role on its public debut in one of the hangars at Kubinka. This was the first production transport version for the Russian Ministry of Defence and first flew on November 3, 2018.
The Mi-38T will form the basis of the planned Mi-38-7 airborne command post helicopter.
An early model of the Sukhoi T-50 new-generation fighter - now known as the Su-57 - used to test control surfaces in TsAGI's T-112 wind tunnel.
TsAGI's concept for the SDS/SPS supersonic transport. The SDS and SPS share the same aerodynamic configuration.
In its latest configuration, the ADS Golovastik (Bighead) features engines mounted on the wing.