Air International 2020-06
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The Embraer E190 was introduced in 2004 and 60 examples now fly for the company.
JetBlue is well known for its broad range of tail designs.
The airline made the unprecedented decision of acquiring brand new jets from Airbus. The carrier's first aircraft was delivered on December 1, 1999.
JetBlue operates a fleet of 205 Airbus A320 Family jets. This 2002-built example, N537JT (c/n 1785) Red, White and Blue, is framed against the Las Vegas skyline on departure from the city's McCarran airport.
JetBlue has marketed itself as New York's 'hometown airline' since its launch. This is reflected in the company's support of the city's police and fire departments with liveries celebrating the two forces as illustrated by FDNY-inspired, N615JB (c/n 2461) Blue Bravest.
The carrier's short history means it does not have a large enough back catalogue of previous corporate identities, but that hasn't deterred it from flying one of its Airbus A320s in a retro-inspired livery.
Airbus A320-200, N503JB (c/n 1123) Bluebird, is showered in champagne ahead of the carrier's first revenue service.