Aeroplane Monthly 1977-02
News Spotlight
A pair of Bleriot Monoplane wings well on the way to completion.
The nacelle of the Nash Collection’s "Horace" Farman F.40, ex F-HMFI.
The wings of the Farman F.40 tentatively erected.
Airspeed Oxford MP425/G-AITB awaits its turn for restoration.
The wings of Australian Supermarine Seagull V (Walrus) A2-4/VH-ALB safely racked until the time arrives for their renewal.
View of the hull from Supermarine Southampton N9899, containing no less than a million screws. The badly damaged rear section is clearly seen. Ex 210 Squadron, it was used as a houseboat at Felixstowe for many years, so its survival is something of a miracle.
Mr T. Jones admires the restored Bleriot XXVII No 433 fuselage and engine. This machine flew in the 1914 Gordon Bennett Race in the USA.