Aeroplane Monthly 1974-02
News Spotlight
The first production Concorde, F-WTSB, made its first flight at Toulouse on December 6, 1973.
The prototype General Dynamics YF-16 lightweight fighter after roll-out at Fort Worth on December 13, 1973.
A Mil Mi-10K assisting in the construction of a power station at Volgorechensk in the USSR.
Four Confederate Air Force ex-Peruvian P-47 Thunderbolts flying over Texas.
K. D. St Cyrien’s Sopwith Pup replica, aptly registered G-APUP, seen at Fairoaks.
Two Short Solents once owned by Howard Hughes lying derelict at Richmond, USA. This and a third aircraft, now dismantled, were earmarked <...> him for service with his South Pacific Air Lines, a venture that came to nothing. <...>ans are afoot to restore the Solent in the foreground.