Aeroplane Monthly 1974-02
B.Gunston - Phantom II /Design analysis/ (6)
A brace of US Navy F-4B's display their bomb-carrying ability.
A plan view of a pre-production F-4A.
A Luftwaffe RF-4E
An RF-4C, 41025, arriving at Alconbury after a 5,750 mile non-stop flight from South Carolina in May 1965.
A USAF Phantom RF-4C (10th TRW) landing at Alconbury in May 1966.
Royal Navy Phantom F-4K from Yeovilton.
A Phantom F-4K of the Royal Navy in landing configuration, with flaps and slats down and the double-stroke nosewheel leg in evidence.
A Phantom F.G.R.2, XV419 of 54 Squadron, at the moment of touchdown.
Royal Navy Phantom F-4Ks of 767 Squadron from RNAS Yeovilton.
McDonnell Douglas F-4K Phantom II, Royal Navy
An Israeli Phantom F-4E in a tight turn with afterburner and trailing fuel.
A solo flypast by one of the Thunderbirds aerobatic team at Hamilton Air Force Base, USA. The team fly the Phantom F-4E multi-role fighter variant.