Aeroplane Monthly 1974-04
News Spotlight
Bob Strah's SNJ-5, currently painted to represent a US Navy admiral's barge SNJ-3, is based at Livermore in California.
Both Alpha Jet prototypes seen flying together from the Istres test base in Southern France.
The first air-to-air photograph of the newly restored Sopwith Pup, N5182, aptly registered G-APUP. Owned by K. D. C. St Cyrien, it is 75 per cent original.
The prototype Bushmaster has been acquired from the American Air Museum Society of Richmond, California for use as a sales demonstrator by the Bushmaster Aircraft Company of Long Beach. They hope to put the type into production.
The unique Cierva C.24, G-ABLM, has been restored by Hawker Siddeley apprentices at Hatfield. It is hoped that the autogiro will be displayed at Salisbury Hall, Hatfield.