Aeroplane Monthly 1974-04
C.Gilson - BAC 167 Strikemaster /Design analysis/ (7)
A New Zealand Air Force Strikemaster Mk 88 in a vertical climb for the benefit of the BAC photographer.
A Strikemaster armed with two ML 100 bomb carriers and carrying two 341lit extra fuel tanks, ft was registered G-AXEF for the 1971 Paris Air Show.
One of an extraordinary series of Zealand Air Force BAC Strikemaster.
A Kuwait Air Force Strikemaster Mk 83 carrying 341lit fuel tanks outboard and 245kg bombs inboard.
Another Singapore Air Defence Strikemaster Mk 84.
Two Strikemaster Mk 84s of the Royal Singapore Air Defence Command over Farnborough in 1970 with temporary British civil registrations.
A Strikemaster Mk 82 for Sultan of Muscat and Oman's Air Force carrying Sura rockets and 245kg bombs.
A Strikemaster production line at the BAC Warton factory in Lancashire, photographed in 1972.
A Singapore Air Defence Command Strikemaster Mk 84 in a hurry
The prototype BAC 167 made its first flight on October 26, 1967.
A Strikemaster armed with 16 Sura 30mm rockets and carrying 75gal fuel tanks.
The same aircraft beating up Warton early in 1969.
A Strikemaster shows off its eight under-wing points for carrying 32 Sura 80mm rockets.
A Strikemaster in Saudi Arabian Air Force markings, and still bearing the British Class B marks G27-9, fires a salvo of SNEB 68mm rockets from under-wing Matra launchers.
A New Zealand Air Force Strikemaster Mk 88, now in service with No 14 Squadron, one of ten ordered in November 1970 and completed in October 1972.
Basic structure and flight controls
Operational equipment
BAC 167 Strikemaster, Kuwait Air Force
XS231 was the last Jet Provost T.4 and later became the prototype T.5 from which the Strikemaster was developed.