Aeroplane Monthly 1974-04
A.Ord-Hume - The Savage skywriters (2)
Cyril Turner demonstrating black skywriting in S.E.5A G-EATE, over Hendon in May 1920.
S.E.5A G-EBDY, Smokestream, which was scrapped in January 1924.
G-EBGL, one of the S.E.5As operated in America.
Skywriting speaks for itself - and Persil.
Three dismantled S.E.5As, including G-EBVB and G-EBIC, at Hendon in 1936.
G-EBIA sweeps low across Hendon aerodrome in March 1927.
A rare photograph of an S.E.5A on skis, in this case G-EBDW.