Aeroplane Monthly 1974-04
P.Moss - Wings for the Empire (4)
Avro 652, G-ACRN, Ava, showing the similarity to the later Anson.
FAR EAST TERMINUS: The Imperial Airways D.H. 86 Dorado at Hong Kong after two years service on the Penang - Hong Kong service. From now on this service will cut across from Bangkok, thus shortening the flying distance. The Union Jacks painted on the fin and the wings are an efficient commentary on the present Far East situation.
D.H.86, G-ACPL, Delphinus, before conversion to dual control.
G-ADUF, Dido, at Tai Qali, Malta, on November 21, 1938.
Short S.23 Empire boat, G-ADHM, Caledonia, flying over New York in 1938.
Short S.23 Empire boat, G-AEUA, Calypso, before she was transferred to QEA.
Mail being loaded aboard Cambria at Southampton in 1937. This aircraft was later used for in-flight refuelling experiments.
Caledonia again, this time at Foynes at the mouth of the Shannon during proving flights in July 1937.
Vickers Vellox, G-ABKY, at Croydon in April 1936.
Boulton Paul P.71A, G-ACOX, Boadicea, preparing to depart from Croydon.
The other Boulton Paul P.71A, G-ACOY, Britomart, also at Croydon.