Aeroplane Monthly 1974-04
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An anonymous B.E.2c crash at Scampton, Lincs, in 1918.
Daimler-built R.E.8 C2441 was nose-dived into Catterick Airfield by Lt A. N. Ryles on June 19, 1918.
Sgt Miles undershot the airfield and choked the engine of Avro 504K D2059 at Catterick in October 1918. The aircraft was built by Frederick Sage & Co Ltd.
Pup B2243, сфотографированный после аварийной посадки в Скэмптоне в 1918 году, был сделан фирмой "Whitehead Aircraft Company ltd" из Ричмонда.
Sopwith Pup B2243, built by the Whitehead Aircraft Co Ltd of Richmond, Surrey, after a mishap at Scampton in 1918. The aircraft shows evidence of previous accidents, notably a new starboard upper mainplane and repaired port upper wing tip.
De Havilland D.H.6 C7321, built by Ransome, Sims & Jeffries of Ipswich, which Lt Trask of 52 Sqn RAF landed in a tree on the edge of Catterick Airfield, Yorkshire, in May 1918.
Another D.H.6, this time from 127 Sqn, crashed into Catterick Bridge by Lt Sloan, with Lt Gates also aboard, June 1918. Another D.H.6 can be seen flying across in right picture.
These two D.H.6s, flown by Lts Robertson and Gages, both of 52 Sqn, collided in mid-air over Catterick in June 1918.