Aeroplane Monthly 1974-07
C.Argyle - Convair's ten-engined bomber
The unarmed B-36A was used for training SAC crews.
The B-36B had 3,500 h.p. R4360-41 engines and carried full operational equipment.
A Convair B-36H of Strategic Air Command takes off on full power.
A B-36 flying over Kent in 1955, displaying its “anti-atom” finish.
The FICON trials. An RF-84F being retracted into the bomb bay of an RB-36F, 1953.
B-36Ds on the mile long assembly line at Fort Worth. So great was the wing span that they had to be canted after installation of the outer wing panels in order to move down the line.
The XB-36 was, for obvious reasons, nicknamed the "Flying Cigar".
With flaps lowered the XB-36 comes in to land on its 9ft diameter main wheels.
Convair B-36H