Aeroplane Monthly 1974-08
A.Schoeni - Short little ugly fella
An A-7E Corsair II of the Dambusters (VA-195), photographed over Farnborough by Richard Riding in 1970.
One of the two A-7Ds converted to the external configuration of the A-7G offered to the Swiss Air Force.
An A-7B Corsair II from VA-56, Champions, over S. California on a bombing practice run.
The A-7A No 4, carrying a "buddy" in-flight refuelling tank D-704 (port) and a 300-US gal (1136-l) drop tank.
An A-7A Corsair II carrying Shrikes.
A brace of A-7Ds
Three LTV A-7Ds formate for the company photographer.
Four A-7Ds, serialled AF71-292, AF71-372, AF71-297 and AF71-295 in perfect formation.
An A-7A attached to VA-174, Hell Razors, the US Navy's training Squadron at Cecil Field, Fla. The four wing pylons each carry six 250lb inert bombs, the two inboard pylons carry 2,000-pounders, and the fuselage pylons are loaded with Sidewinders.
A-7Bs of VA-46 aboard USS Saratoga.
A-7E Corsair II 158013 "City of Tulare" from VA-147 Argonauts Attack Squadron.
The one-off two-seat YA-7H variant.
Two A-7B Corsair Ils of the VA-46 Clansmen on USS Saratoga in the Mediterranean, October 1969.
Showing the simple access to the engine, which drops down for maintenance.
LTV Aerospace Corsair II