Aeroplane Monthly 1974-11
G.Hamilton - Veterans at Fresno
John Paul's Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk IB at this year's warbird meeting at Fresno, USA, taken by J. M. KUCERA.
Tom Camp flying his P40 Kittyhawk IB in formation with Joe Chiodo's SN-J. The Kittyhawk, AK979, was transferred to the RCAF after Pearl Harbor and was operational in the Aleutians. It is currently painted in a scheme representing early World War Two camouflage.
Another view of the P-51H.
Mike Coutches' North American P-51H Mustang over Fresno, California, during the Warbirds meeting.
One of two airworthy P-51Hs surviving. It is seen here being flown by owner Mike Coutches, and bearing the appropriate civil registration N551H.
This colourful P-51, seen taking off, was one of six examples of the type to appear.
Joe Chiodo’s SN-J coming in for a bit of aerial passport photography.
Gifford Hamilton’s hybrid Harvard/B13 Kate replica in its new paint scheme. It represents the Kate flown by Commander Fuchida, squadron leader of the first bomber wave to hit Pearl Harbor.
The only Grumman Guardian (in VS-25 markings) to appear at the meeting.
Dan DuPre flying his Vultee BT-13, commonly known as the Vultee "Vibrator".
The Vultee BT-13 is based in Southern California and is owned by Earl Lieske.
Challenge Publications' B-25 "Exective Sweet", makes a low pass.