Aeroplane Monthly 1974-11
B.Gunston - Martin Seamaster
The first prototype XP6M-1 Sea-Master during its maiden flight on July 14, 1955 over Chesapeake Bay.
The second prototype SeaMaster photographed during its first flight on May 18, 1958. It is painted in the then new Navy grey and white paint scheme.
Taken during the 85min first flight of the second XP6M-1 with George Rodney as pilot.
Two production SeaMasters.
A SeaMaster churning sea into spray during take-off.
The sequence of photos, taken at Baltimore, show, top, the beaching vehicle floating in readiness as a SeaMaster prepares to engage it. Second, the pressure pads grip the seaplane's hull as it heads for the ramp ...
... and finally the aircraft comes ashore.
A dramatic shot of a production Sea-Master,
A picturesque setting for the maiden flight of the first production P6M-2 SeaMaster, over Chesapeake Bay on February 17, 1959.
An underside view of the first prototype showing the in-line positioning of the engines. Subsequent Sea-Masters had the engines toed outwards
The first prototype XP6M-1 is rolled out, January 1955. Note the rubber pressure pads cemented to the wings for simulated load tests.
Martin P6M-2 Seamaster