Aeroplane Monthly 1974-11
Personal album
Harvard II AJ975 indulges in a little informal formation flying with instructors from 37 FSTS, Calvary Alberta.
This somewhat bent Harvard II was struck by another Harvard taking off from Kingston during June 1942. The instructor in the rear cockpit escaped injury.
The photograph of Avro Anson II 11476, seen at Estevan, was taken by Bill Bailey, who flew at Assiniboia EFTS on Cornells and at Moose Jaw SETS on Oxfords. Note the parallel undercarriage radius rods. The Mk II was powered by two 330 h.p. Jacobs engines and was fitted with Dowty hydraulic brakes and flaps.
D.H. Tiger Moth 5155 from 32 EFTS of Swift Current and later at Bowden Alberta.
This and 5056 are D.H.82Cs and were fitted with sliding hoods, tail wheels and brakes for landing on runways as distinct from grass fields. Note the airspeed indicator showing 65 m.p.h. and the gent wearing a ten gallon hat while appropriately flying over Medicine Hat.
Stearman PT-27 FJ355, Model D-75N1.
Pictures show two PT-27s after an argument at Kingston. They are FJ868 and FJ890 and flew with 32 EFTS.
Fairchild Cornell FH687 out from Trenton flying over typical winter terrain in Canada in 1943. Used extensively by EFTSs in Canada, the type was later licence-built in that country. Powered by a 175 h.p. Ranger inline engine, the Cornell cruised at 105 m.p.h. at 2,050 r.p.m. at sea level.
A Fairchild M-62A-4 Cornell FH687, out of Trenton, Ontario, during the winter of 1942. Note the striped wheels.