Air International 2020-08
News: Commercial, Military
One of the flood-damaged Israeli F-16Cs (Block 40CF) 'Barak', serial 542 (c/n CJ-23) takes to the skies at Tel Nof after repairs.
A Canadian CF-188A Hornet, serial 188767 (c/n 463, line number A380) and belonging to the 401 Tactical Fighter Squadron, is marshalled by ground crew after arriving in Bode, Norway, for Exercise Trident Junture in October 2018.
A Belgian NH90 TTH, RN-07 (c/n 1297), in flight.
A German Air Force EF-2000, serial 31+00, in flight.
By adding an aeromed capability to its CC3 fleet, the RAF has further expanded its already significant medical support mission within its Air Mobility Force and Joint Helicopter Command.
'Vespina' supporting regular RAF operations in its traditional AAR refuelling role on June 26, 2020, the day after it returned to service in its new, bespoke paint scheme.
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo flying near Spaceport America during a previous test flight.
KC-130J, BuNo 169536 (c/n 382-5896), became the first KC-130J for the 'Yankees' on May 28, 2020.
The first Boeing 747-8 above Mount Baker, Washington, during its maiden flight.
Airflow wants to start producing its eSTOL aircraft in 2025.
French government funding will be used to research a hybrid successor to the A320.