Air International 2020-09
P.Butowski - Russia's mega Mi-38 /Russian Review/
First prototype Mi-38 38011/OP-1 in 2014 after upgrade to Mi-38-2 with Klimov TV7-117V engines. Approaching behind is an Mi-28N.
Mi-38-1 prototype OP-2, 38012, during a test flight in 2013. This was the second development airframe and first flew on October 30,2010. It was retired in 2016 and placed in storage.
Mi-38-2 38014/0P-4, the fourth and last prototype, first flew on October 16, 2014.
Second prototype Mi-38-1 38012/OP-2 during trials at the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant in Tomilino during May 2011.
The second of two Russian Air Force Mi-38Ts, '72 Red'/RF-45029, in a digital two-tone green camouflage scheme.
The third prototype, Mi-38-2 38013/OP-3, under construction at the Kazan Helicopter Plant in Kazan.
The VIP cabin of Mi-38 14341 (c/n 26005), which was delivered to Gazprombank Leasing in February 2020.
This full-scale mock-up of the Mi-38 was on display the the Mosaeroshow at Zhukovsky in 1992.