Aeroplane Monthly 1977-09
B.Gunston - North American F-86 Sabre part 1 /Fighters of the fifties/ (16)
F-86H of the Maryland division of the Air National Guard, 1963
F-86E-15-NA 113053 in profile, showing the ideally-positioned cockpit with its clear bubble canopy.
F-86H 31298 was one of 473 delivered.
Первый экземпляр учебно-тренировочного самолета TF-86
Trainers built in one of the two TF-86F 1953-54.
F-86E-1-NA 0583 of the USAF Air Proving Group, with flight refuelling probes on both underwing tanks, one of several such installations tested.
The second F-86E, 0580, shows off the all-flying tailplane introduced on this variant. 4s well as the 333 built in the USA, another 60 were produced by Canadair as the CL-13.
North American Sabre F-86F-10NA of 3sqdn, 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing based in South Korea during 1953
Canadair Sabre 2s of the 1st Fighter Wing, RCAF, up from their RAF North Luffenham base late in 1952.
Sabre 4s of 112 Squadron, RAF, stationed at Bruggen, Germany, with the 2nd TAF in 1956. Special Air Ministry dispensation was given for use of the Shark's teeth markings.
Canadair Sabre F.4 XD727 of 92 Squadron RAF, Linton-on-Ouse, was one of the last Sabres in Fighter Command when this picture was taken in 1956. All of the RAF Sabres were flown to England by No 1 Long Range Ferry Unit, Transport Command, between December 8, 1952, and December 19, 1953.
Британский «Сейбр» Mk.4
F-86K of No. 339 squadron Royal Norwegian Air Force, 1964
A CA-27 Avon-Sabre Mk 32 of the Royal Australian Air Force displays its underwing Sidewinder missiles.