Aeroplane Monthly 1977-12
E.Morgan, C.Burnet - Spiteful
Supermarine Spiteful XIV RB515, photographed by CHARLES E. BROWN in 1946.
Spiteful RB515 was the first of only 17 production machines built.
A rare shot of the short-lived “hybrid” Spiteful prototype, NN660, taxiing. It first flew on June 30, 1944.
Another study of the first production Spiteful. For its first three flights it had the Spitfire 21 empennage.
Another view of RB518, which was the subject of tests fitted with both a five-bladed NACA propeller and a six-blade contra-rotating unit.
Spiteful 14 RB520 is seen after modification as the interim prototype Seafang, with sting-type hook, in which form it first flew early in 1945.
Spiteful F.16 RB518, with a Seafang-type hood, was used for proving trials.
Spiteful RB515 displays its laminar-flow wing, employing two straight tapers to simplify production.
NN664, the first real prototype, which flew on January 8, 1945.
The last of the prototypes was NN667, which had a long intake directly behind the airscrew.