Aeroplane Monthly 1977-12
L.Hendrix - An F-6 from the deep
Shibayama’s Zero emerges from Rabaul Harbour after 28 years underwater.
Resting on oil drums before going to the USA.
The Zero at Miramar Naval Air Station during an air show in October 1973. When recovered its tyres still held air, there was oxygen in the tanks, and the spark plugs fired after cleaning. It is now on display at the Balboa Aero Space Museum, San Diego.
One of the Hellcat's Browning M-2 machine guns, which still fired at the rate of 790 rounds/min after 26 years underwater, is now displayed at North Island small arms range.
The F-6 at North Island, fitted with new wheels and tyres.
The Hellcat on display in the dry desert air at Pima County Air Museum, Tucson.