Aeroplane Monthly 1977-12
R.Riding - Miles M.1 Satyr /British pre-war ultralights/
Co-designer F. G. Miles running up the Satyr's 75 h.p. Pobjoy R engine. The oversize wheels may well have been taken from another aircraft.
Another view of the Satyr at Martlesham Heath during its Certificate of Airworthiness trials. The aircraft was certificated on February 1, 1933.
John Pugh lines up for an attack on the “bucking Ford” at Hook on September 6, 1933.
Flt Lt John Pugh, AFC, brings the Satyr over the fence at the first Hospitals Pageant at Hayes on April 8, 1933.
The Satyr immediately after completion with fuel tank located in the wing centre-section.
An Air Ministry photograph of the aircraft taken at Martlesham Heath in the winter of 1932-35, after the fuel tank had been moved behind the engine.
The Satyr in final chequerboard scheme, with cheques continued on the fin, at Hanworth after overhaul by NFS.
Miles M.1 Satyr