Aeroplane Monthly 1978-01
A brace of Confederate Air Force Douglas C-47s, with 210058 Buzz Buggy nearest
The Grumman FM-2 N68843/Bu No 86746, photographed by BRANDON J. O’BRIEN at the gathering of Warbirds, Madera, 1977.
Bell P-63 Kingcobra NL62822 Tipsy Miss, now owned by Mike Smith of Johnson, Kansas, was extensively modified for racing by its previous owner, John Sandberg, who clipped the wings, uprated the Allison engine, lightened the structure, and “cleaned” the exterior. JOHN BATCHELOR photographed it over Padre Island, off the Gulf of Mexico, on October 8 last year.
Britain’s only jet fighter flying boat, the SR A/1 was designed by Henry Knowler and made its maiden flight from Cowes on July 16, 1947. Three examples of this 46ft span single seater were built, serialled TG263, TG267 and TG271, but the second aircraft was lost in a flying accident at Felixstowe. The third SR A/1 was also lost, when it hit a submerged baulk of timber and sank on April 6, 1949, leaving the first aircraft as the sole survivor. This unique machine is now preserved at the Skyfame Aircraft Museum, Staverton. Powered by a pair of 3,500 h.p. Metropolitan-Vickers Beryl turbojets, the SR A/1 had a maximum speed of 520 m.p.h., and an empty weight of about 18,000lb.