Aeroplane Monthly 1978-01
R.Lindsay - Gloster Javelin /Fighters of the fifties/ (17)
F AW 9 of 'A' Fighter Test Squadron A & A E E Boscombe Down 1968.
Third prototype WT827, with experimental nose radome, 1953.
The third prototype Javelin, WT827, testing a blunt nose radome in 1953. Note the metal-covered rear canopy.
The first G.A.5, WD804, displays its nose-mounted pitot boom.
The first Javelin FAW.6, XA815, as “E” of 89 Squadron, based at RAF Stradishall, Suffolk, in late 1958.
Javelin FAW.4 XA637 of 141 Squadron, based at Horsham St Faith, seen during exercise “Vigilant” in May 1957.
Javelin 9 XH897, based at Boscombe Down for research work until January 1975.
FAW.1 XA552, finished in blue overall with white markings, served as a test bed for the supersonic de Havilland Gyron Junior engines intended for the all-steel Bristol T.188 research aircraft.
A study of the Javelin FAW.1s of 46 Squadron, RAF, commanded by Wg Cdr H. E. White, DFC, AFC, taken shortly after the conclusion of exercise “Vigilant” in May 1957.
The prototype Javelin T.3 trainer, WT841, assembled from Gloster-built components by Air Service Training at Hamble, with FAW.4 XA644 in the background, photographed at the time of the 1956 SBAC Display.
Javelin FAW.8 XJ125 was allocated to Armstrong Siddeley Motors for Sapphire development flying. It is seen here en route to the 1959 SBAC Display with its complement of Firestreaks.
The third prototype Javelin, WT827, testing a short needle-nosed radome in 1954.
FAW.4 XA632 was a Gloster trials aircraft, and is seen carrying four Firestreaks.
The first airborne Javelin-to-Javelin picture, this shows FAW.1 XA552, flown by Fit Lt Peter Varley, taking off from Moreton Valence in 1955. It was taken from XA567, flown by Wg Cdr R. F. Martin.
Javelin FAW.5 XA667 takes off from RAF Leeming OCU on May 26, 1961. Note the Vortex generator vanes.
WT830, the fourth G.A.5 prototype, shows off the revised wing planform with compound leading-edge sweepback in 1954.
FAW 7. XH778 'G' of 23 Sqn RAF 1959, carrying D H Firestreak missiles