Aeroplane Monthly 1978-04
First (right) and second development models of the General Dynamics F-16A light-weight air combat fighter, complete with wingtip Sidewinders, photographed last year.
Confederate Air Force HA1112 N9939 after a mishap at Harlingen in October 1976.
The close-up of Hawker test pilot Bill Humble in Hawker Sea Fury F.X TF905 from the first production batch was taken by CHARLES E. BROWN.
D.H.60 Moths G-EBLV and G-ATBL photographed from a third near Old Warden by Air Portraits.
Colgate Darden's Douglas DC-2, the last airworthy example of the breed, photographed by CHRIS SORENSEN in 1976.
Our photograph, by HENRY ARTOF, depicts the half-scale Focke-Wulf FW190 designed and built by War Aircraft Replicas of California in 1973. Powerplant is a 1,600 c.c. Volkswagen engine developing 70 h.p.