Aeroplane Monthly 1978-05
J.May - Trixie, Jumbo and Co
A Jeep and supply containers drop from a Halifax during trials at Beaulieu. On the first drop the Jeep's engine and transmission broke away from the chassis upon impact.
One of the eight Sikorsky Hoverfly Is at Beaulieu in January 1947 was this one, KK987. There was no means of damping rotor vibration, which was transmitted directly into the controls.
The Hoverfly I was the first helicopter to be used by the RAF, entering service at Andover early in 1945. KK995 in the middle, at Andover, July 1945.
“A” Flight experienced engine fire problems with the Royal Navy's Miles Monitor II target tug NP406, and it was eventually replaced by NP422.
The Hoverfly II, represented on the left by KN856, suffered from its unhappy engine installation.
Hafner Rotachute P-6, designed as a one-man rotating-wing parachute, was one of three languishing at the AFEE in 1947.