Aeroplane Monthly 1978-06
A McDonnell Douglas F-4N Phantom II of VME A T-101 leads TA-4F and A4M Skyhawks of VMAT-102 and an AV-8A Harrier
Spitfire Mk V R6923 in the colours of No 92 Squadron RAF. Painted by James Kelso.
Lancaster Mk 1 R5868, "S for Sugar" in the colours of 467 Squadron, RAAF. Aircraft now preserved in the RAF Museum at Hendon. Painted by Peter Kettle.
The one and only Lockheed VC-121B Constellation, 48-608, with extra fuel tanks, was the first of ten C-121A/B series long-range aircraft ordered in 1948 for VIP missions with the USAF's Military Air Transport Service.
Republic RF-84F Thunderflash 92430 is seen during a mid-air hook-up to its Convair RB-36 mother aircraft during the FICON (Fighter Conveyor) launch and recovery trials, 1953-1956.
Clay Lacy wanted to race his Douglas DC-7 Super Snoopy in the United States Cup 1,000-mile Air Race at San Diego in 1971. As competitors didn't fancy getting caught in his prop wash, he settled for a demonstration flight around the pylons, when J. M. KUCERA took this picture.
Cessna 206 ZK-DXC landing on Lake Taupo, New Zealand, in January 1978