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Japan's largest transport glider, the Kokusai Ku.7 Manazuru ("Buzzard").
A general arrangement drawing of the Kokusai Ku.7 Manazuru tank-carrying glider.
The small troop-carrying glider built by Hindustan Aircraft in 1942.
Italy's transport glider offering, the Caproni TM.2 which is seen in the Milan Technical Museum.
Italy's transport glider offering, the Lombarda AL 12P.
The only Japanese transport glider used operationally, the Kokusai Ku.8-II.
The Japanese Navy's Kugisho MXY5 troop-carrying assault glider.
Ku-1 имел добротную конструкцию, но ввиду малых размеров и небольшой полезной нагрузки использовался только как учебно-тренировочный.
The first Japanese transport glider, the Maeda Ku.1-I, development of which was initiated in 1940.
The Nihon Kogata Ku.11 was a small Army assault glider, prototype trials with which were initiated in 1944.
The Polikarpov BDP S-1 was a so-called "Battle Transport Glider" but failed to progress further than the prototype test phase.
The Tsybin Ts-25 was built in substantial numbers in the late 'forties for the Aviation of the Airborne Troops, and was also supplied to Czechoslovakia.
The Fi 3 designed and built by AB Flygindustri of Halmstad during the early 'forties.
An impression of the Turkish THK.1 glider developed by the Turkish Air League.
The T.H.K.1 was a 12-seat transport glider produced in 1943