Aeroplane Monthly 1978-10
A.Jackson - D.H.60 Moth /RAF Piston Trainers/ (3)
The first evaluation Cirrus I Moth, J8030, at Martlesham Heath in April 1926.
Four Cirrus II D.H.60X Moths, J9113-J9116, supplied to the Air Ministry in 1928.
The Genet Moth Display Flight of the CFS takes off at the Hendon RAF Display on July 2, 1927, with J8818/G-EDCA leading.
FOR THE R.A.F. DISPLAY: A batch of "Gipsy-Moths" ready for delivery. They will figure in some of the events at Hendon on June 28.
The specially rigged D.H.60M Moths, K1213-K1217, ready for delivery from Stag Lane to the CFS Display Flight in April 1930.
Production D.H.60M J9922 was later released to the manufacturers as G-ABNE.
K1825 saw varied service with the Inland and Fighting Areas, No 3 Squadron and the Armament Training Camp, Sutton Bridge, where it crashed on May 29, 1937.
NOT A NEW TYPE OF "MOTH" SEAPLANE: This photograph shows the force-recording undercarriage used at Felixstowe for taxying tests of large-scale models of flying-boat hulls (in this case that of a Short "Singapore II").
K2235 at MAEE Felixstowe in 1931 with the scale Singapore hull central float for dynamic testing.
K1884 served with No 15 ERFTS before becoming 1240M in January 1939.
A pupil's-eye view of the D.H.60M's rear cockpit, with the Gosport tube mouthpiece just below the padded rim.
de Havilland D.H. 60M Moth of the Central Flying School, Wittering