Air Enthusiast 1972-06
E.Brown - Mastering Heinkel's Minimus /Viewed from the Cockpit/
На этом He 162A-1 хорошо видны "загнутые" вниз законцовки крыла, введенные впервые на третьем прототипе V3. Серийные A-1 выпускались параллельно с прототипами, которые проходили по документам как предсерийные A-0.
Этот самолет (120072) был один из четырех, перевезенных в Великобританию, и совершил после войны в Фарнборо четыре испытательных полета. В последнем полете машина потерпела катастрофу. Пилот погиб.
This He 162A-2 (Werk-Nr 120 072), built at Marienehe and presumably acquired at Leck from the inventory of Jagdgeschwader I, was the example of this remarkable little warplane that was being flown on 9 November 1945 at Farnborough, Hants, by Flt Lt R A Marks when, as the result of a structural failure in the tail during a low-level roll, the machine crashed, the pilot losing his life.
He 162A-2 (Werk-Nr 120 222) was obtained at Leck and was one of three taken to the USA for test and evaluation. This aircraft, seen after removal of the individual number "23" from the nose, was flown at Freeman Field, Seymour, Indiana, as T2-504, later being taken to Wright Field and, in 1947, presented to the Smithsonian Museum. The other He 162A-2 taken to Freeman Field (Werk-Nr 120 077) was transferred to Edwards AFB where it was flown in 1946 as T2-489 and is now displayed by the Ontario Air Museum, California. The third He 162A-2 (Werk-Nr 120 017) was taken to Wright Field for structural analysis.
He 162A-2 (Werk-Nr 120 222).
He 162A-2 (Werk-Nr 120 222).