Air Enthusiast 1972-08
??? - Cobra concept: Recipe for Success?
An impression of the Northrop P-600, two prototypes of which will be evaluated by the USAF.
Northrop P-530 Cobra
An example of typical Cobra structure is given by this drawing of the centre fuselage section, the production of which would represent nearly 11 per cent of the flyaway cost of the aircraft.
A diagram showing the breakdown of the Cobra airframe into its major components.
This general arrangement drawing of the P-530 Cobra, although still provisional, is believed to be the most accurate yet published. It shows a number of significant changes made since the Cobra design was started, including a deeper fuselage, revised air intakes and separate windscreen and cockpit cover. Approximate overall dimensions are span, 35 ft (10,67 m) and length 52 ft (15,85 m).