Air Enthusiast 1972-09
H.Taylor - A Short Fairey Tale ... still-born airliners of the 'thirties
Model of the Fairey F.C.1.
Model of the Fairey F.C.1, showing undercarriage.
Model of the Fairey F.C.1, showing an intermediate design stage without the central fin.
The full-scale wood and paper mock-up of the F.C.1 in the company's experimental shop, probably late in 1938.
The mock-up flight deck.
General arrangement drawing of the Fairey F.C.1.
The General Aircraft G.A.L.40 in its Hercules-engined version.
The Bristol submission to Specification 15/38.
A model of the Short S.32, three examples of which had been ordered in 1938.
Short S.32