Flight 1939-02
Flight Advertisements
Cape. J. H. Cordes, Chief Test Pilot of Handley Page Ltd., goes aboard a Page Hampden.
A striking model of the Short-Mayo Composite illustrates the claim of the Birmingham Battery and Metal Co., Ltd., to have supplied all the copper tubing used in the two machines.
No. 217 (G.R.) Squadron (with “Flight” represented in the leading Anson) slips past the Casquets on its way to make a low bombing attack on the convoy, which it found about 120 miles from the nearest land.
Подготовка к подвеске торпед на самолеты "Уайлдбист" IV 42-й эскадрильи
Bristol Perseus-engined Vickers Vildebeest IV torpedo bombers of No. 42 (T.B.) Squadron, the first standard military aircraft to be fitted with sleeve-valve engines and detachable-blade wooden airscrews They are seen at Thomey Island, complete with “tinfish.”