Air International 1995-08
T.Festner - Slovakian Air Power
Slovakia's combat-helicopters are based at Presov. Here Mi-24V 0787 from 1 Letka/4 VRP is seen carrying two weapons pods. One contains a 9-A-624 12.7mm four-barrel rotary machine-gun and two 9-A-622 12.7mm machine-guns, whilst the other carries a 213P-A 30mm grenade launcher.
MiG-21MF 7708 on the flight line at Malacky prior to a sortie on the adjacent Zahorie weapon range.
On the Malacky flight line are MiG-21MFs, a MiG-21UM, Su-22M4s, Su-22UM3s and an L-29.
Sukhoi Su-25Ks of 2 Letka, 33rd Air Base on the flight line at Trencin where they were based before the reorganisation. The 33rd Air Base now operates from Malacky and Trencin houses the maintenance contractor of the Slovak Air Force, LOT.
L-29 Delfin 3246/'16' just before touch-down at Malacky. Delfins are on the strength of the 33rd Air Base and used for liaison and training duties.
4711 is one of six L-39ZAs operated by the 31st Air Base for liaison and continuation training. The Gsh-23 twin-barrel 23mm cannon is clearly visible under the fuselage.
An aircraft that is often older than its pilot. Built in 1964 2209 is the sole An-12 in the Slovak Air Force inventory. The Czechoslovak Air Force had two An-12s, the other An-12 (2109) went to the Czech Air Force.
Sporting the name of its home-base, Piest'any, on the nose, Let 410UVP-E14 2311 is used by 1 Letka for VIP transport duties.
In front of its new Italian-made shelter is MiG-29UB 4401 of 1 SLP. The MiG-29 is the most modern air defence fighter of the Slovak Air Force and unlike the Czech Air Force, the Slovaks have not even considered disposing of them.
Sukhoi Su-22M4 of the Slovak Air Force
A KKR reconnaissance pod is seen here on the centreline station of Su-22M4 3312 of 1 Letka/3 SBLP.
Radar jamming variant of the Mi-8, the Mi-8PPA Hip-K is clearly identifiable by its antenna array and the large box fairings on the fuselage side. It is operated by the Command Flight of the Defence Staff at the main transport airfield in Slovakia, Piest'any.