Air International 1995-09
B.Sveinsson - Icelandic Eagles
F-15As 77-0096 and 77-0100, of the 102nd FS, 101 st FW, taking off from runway 11 on May 9, 1995. Note the different colour schemes, the darker (77-0096) being known as 'Mod Eagle'.
One of the first Eagles to arrive under the present temporary deployment scheme was F-15C 82-0024, of the 94th FS, 1st Wing, seen landing on March 15, 1995.
Seen over the distinctive coastline of Iceland, F-15C 80-0003 - the 33rd Operations Group flagship, from the 59th FS, 33rd FW. The 33rd FW was the last of the four air defence units assigned to Iceland to be deployed.
At the culmination of over 40 years' service at Keflavik by the 57th FS, the last of the squadron's aircraft, F-15C 80-0047, left Iceland on February 26, 1995.
F-15A 77-0063 of the Oregon Air National Guard, 123rd FS, 142nd FG, being winched into HAS 3 on June 20. The pilot is somewhat apprehensive, this being the first time he has backed his F-15 into a HAS.