Air International 1995-09
K.Hayes, E.Power - NOAA's Ark and other weathered aircraft
Douglas C-54D N91282 of the US Weather Bureau at the Miami base.
Bell 212 N60RF is one of NOAA's three helicopters, all of which are used for a wide variety of tasks. It is seen here in the NOAA hangar at McDill AFB.
Two weather research aircraft from the Lockheed stable, NOAA WP-3D Orion N42RF in formation with NCAR Electra N3080.
A number of the sensors carried by the Lockheed WP-3D Orions may be seen in this view of N42RF. Note in particular, the extended nose probe, underfuselage radome, and sensors mounted on the port underwing pylon.
Three-quarter rear view of Lockheed Orion N43RF, emphasising the Doppler tail radar.
Douglas DC-6A N6539C on the ramp at Miami. Note the tail and underfuselage radomes and ESSA logo on the fin.
Martin WB-57A Canberra N1005 provided high-altitude trials coverage and is seen here in its original US Weather Bureau colour scheme.
Lockheed WC-130B Hercules N6541C taxiing at Miami on completion of a mission. The light area aft of the crew entry door contains flags of the countries visited.
De Havilland Twin Otter N48RF is one of two Twin Otters on the strength of the NOAA and is an appropriately named type as both have been extensively used for monitoring wildlife. N48RF is seen here in its element, over rugged Alaskan terrain.