Air International 1995-11
Airscene Headlines
Seen at Marignane after its roll-out ceremony on September 29, 1995 is the prototype NH90, PT1/F-ZWTH.
On public display for the first time at Zhukovsky following roll-out there on August 24, 1995 was the prototype Tupolev Tu-234, RA-64001, which has been ‘shrunk’ from the Tu-204 prototype.
Although ordered by Gulf Air, Airbus A340-312 A40-LE (c/n 103) was rolled-out at Toulouse on August 21, 1995 in full Egyptair colours and bears the name Kleo Express. Delivered in October, it was immediately leased to Egyptair to operate the Cairo-Osaka service pending delivery of the airline's first A340-200 in December, after which it will be used on the Cairo-Singapore-Sydney route.
The first Sk60 (Saab 105) trainer to he re-engined by Saab Military Aircraft (Fv60072) gets airborne on October 6, 1995, for its first flight from Linkoping after conversion.
The first prototype Mitsubishi TS-X 63-0001 gets airborne for the first time from Komaki air base, near Nagoya, on October 7, 1995 with Mitsubishi test pilot Yoshiyuki Watanabe at the controls. The initials on the fin stand for Technical Research & Development Institute.
Following on closely from the Learjet 45 unveiling, on September 22, 1995 the Gulfstream V prototype, N501GV (c/n 501), was rolled-out at Savannah, Georgia. First flight is scheduled for November 15 with FAA certification expected in October 1996 followed by JAA approval in December 1996. The company claims around 60 orders to date for the new aircraft. The second aircraft, c/n 502, should fly very shortly after the prototype, while the third will follow in December and the fourth in early February, all four being used for the 1.600hr flight test programme. A combined production rate of 42 GIV/Vs per year is planned by 1997.
Air BC DHC-6 Twin Otter 100 C-GGAW about to touch down in Vancouver Harbour on September 22, 1995. The company ceased its Vancouver Harbour-Victoria Harbour services in October, ending the only scheduled floatplane operations by any regional carrier affiliated with an international airline (Air BC is owned by Air Canada} in North America and possibly the world. Rights and equipment for the route will be sold to a new company, West Coast Air, run by a former Air BC executive, which will take all four of Air BC's DHC-6s.
To mark the end of the G-91T in AMI service. MM6363/'32-63' was repainted in this spectacular scheme, with 204° Gruppo markings on the port side and a completely different, predominantly red, colour scheme on the starboard side with 32° Stormo markings, for a farewell flight on September 30, 1995 at Foggia/Amendola. The lettering on the fin celebrates the 289,000 hours accumulated since the type entered service in 1964.
USAF/McDonnell Douglas F-15E Eagle, seen at Dubai '93. The USA is this year fielding the largest contingent at the show.
Tunisian Air Force Aero L-59T Y95051/'JA' (c/n 585201) seen at the Aero Vodochody factory before delivery. The first of 12 examples on order was delivered in early September.
Computer-generated conception of the Raytheon Premier I six-passenger business jet which was unveiled at the NBAA in Las Vegas.
Prototype McDonnell Douglas F/A-18E Super Hornet 165164 was officially rolled-out on September 18, 1995 and is seen here with a full array of weapons on ten of the eleven stations (the centreline pylon being empty) comprising, left to right, AIM-9 Sidewinder, AGM-88 HARM, AGM-84D Harpoon, AGM-84H SLAM-ER, AIM-120 AMRAAM, AN/AAS-46 targeting FLIR, BLU-109 JDAM, AGM-154 JSOW, AGM-65E Maverick and AIM-9 Sidewinder.
The first two-seat Saab JAS 39B Gripen for the Swedish Air Force, 39-800/'58', seen during roll-out at Saab's factory at Linkoping on September 29, 1995.
Whilst the Kaman K-MAX was the undoubted highlight at Helitech '95 at Redhill, another single-seat helicopter at the opposite end of the spectrum provided just as much interest. The diminutive Ultrasport 331 showed impressive agility whilst also proving remarkably stable when flying in strong, gusting winds, as seen here when the third prototype N2137G was displayed on September 20, 1995. Its two-seat derivative, Ultrasport 496 N496AS, was also on static display in the exhibition hall.