Air Enthusiast 2003-01
J.Salgado - Deul at 'Coffin Corner'
Lt McKinnon's crew and aircraft. Standing, left to right: F McKinnon, W Cooper, J Beckner, L Henneke. Squatting, left to right: R Snell, J W Evans, J Richter, L Rutkowski, C Hart, T Shaw.
Back row: Evans, Stewart, Hart, Shaw and Squadron's Crew Chief. Front row: Cooper, Henneke, Richter, McKinnon, Snell, Beckner. McKinnon christened 42-40104 'Old Bessie', the 'Contended Crow'.
'F8+IT' as seen in the combat by Sgt Evans.
Three brand new Condors in France some time in 1943, 'F8+IT' w/nr 0221, allegedly being one of them.
The original photograph of the Condor taken by Charles F.Willis Ок from his PB4Y-1 Liberator on January 6, 1944.
Shot taken by a Spanish amateur photographer, published in the 1970s in the newspaper 'La Gaceta del Norte'.
PB4Y-1 BuNo 32032 of VPB-103 flying over Colebrook, Devon, similar to Lt Alexander's Liberator. This particular aircraft was also lost off the Spanish coast when it attacked and sank U-508 on November 12, 1943.