Air Enthusiast 2003-03
R.Niccoli - David's Deltas (2)
One of the very first Kfirs, 724 at the IAI plant at Lod, probably before delivery, in 1975.
A Kfir C2 of the 'Guards of the Arava Squadron' redy to fly (probably from its base at Etzion) on a live-firing mission on the ranges at the end of the 1970s. It is armed with five Mk.82 and two Mk.83 bombs, plus two AIM-9G Sidewinders.
A Kfir from the first batch, assigned to the 'First Fighter Squadron', in 1975.
Kfir-Canard 754 of the 'Midland Squadron', landing at a desert air base, probably in 1982.
Two Kfir-Canards and a Kfir C2 of the 'Valley Squadron' ready for a combat mission during Operation Peace for Galilee, in 1982. The aircraft are armed with bombs and air-to-air missiles: Python 3 for the C2 and AIM-9G for the Canards.
The first C7, 512, at a static display at IAI, April 1983.
Kfir 743, a first batch aircraft of the 'First Fighter Squadron', taking off from Hazor, probably in 1975.
The cockpit of the Kfir C7 was quite advanced for its age.
IAI Kfir C2.
Nesher 592 of the 'Negev Squadron' during the take-off, probably from Eitam air base, at the end of the 1970s.
The first Nesher, 10, was virtually hand-built and assembled before the start of series production.
Fine study of the Neshers of the 'Negev Squadron' on their flight line at Eitam, at the end of the 1970s.
A Nesher two-seater of the 'Guards of the Arava Squadron'.
Nesher two-seater 634 of the 'Hornet Squadron'.
Nesher 85 with two Shafrir air-to-air missiles and the markings of the 'Hornet Squadron'.
Nesher 523 taxying, probably at Hazor, lacking the squadron badge, but wearing the black-yellow chequers of the 'Hornet Squadron'.