Air Enthusiast 2003-02
R.Niccoli - David's Deltas (2)
One of the very first Kfirs, 724 at the IAI plant at Lod, probably before delivery, in 1975.
A Kfir C2 of the 'Guards of the Arava Squadron' redy to fly (probably from its base at Etzion) on a live-firing mission on the ranges at the end of the 1970s. It is armed with five Mk.82 and two Mk.83 bombs, plus two AIM-9G Sidewinders.
The first C7, 512, at a static display at IAI, April 1983.
A Kfir from the first batch, assigned to the 'First Fighter Squadron', in 1975.
Kfir 743, a first batch aircraft of the 'First Fighter Squadron', taking off from Hazor, probably in 1975.
Kfir-Canard 754 of the 'Midland Squadron', landing at a desert air base, probably in 1982.
Two Kfir-Canards and a Kfir C2 of the 'Valley Squadron' ready for a combat mission during Operation Peace for Galilee, in 1982. The aircraft are armed with bombs and air-to-air missiles: Python 3 for the C2 and AIM-9G for the Canards.
The cockpit of the Kfir C7 was quite advanced for its age.
IAI Kfir C2.
Nesher 592 of the 'Negev Squadron' during the take-off, probably from Eitam air base, at the end of the 1970s.
The first Nesher, 10, was virtually hand-built and assembled before the start of series production.
Nesher 85 with two Shafrir air-to-air missiles and the markings of the 'Hornet Squadron'.
Nesher 523 taxying, probably at Hazor, lacking the squadron badge, but wearing the black-yellow chequers of the 'Hornet Squadron'.
Fine study of the Neshers of the 'Negev Squadron' on their flight line at Eitam, at the end of the 1970s.
Nesher two-seater 634 of the 'Hornet Squadron'.
A Nesher two-seater of the 'Guards of the Arava Squadron'.