Air Enthusiast 2003-07
A.Brew - The best fighter the Navy never had
The Defiant prototype, K8310, re-configured as a single-seater, during the Battle of Britain - a naval fighter overlooked.
Equipment layout for the P.85A, showing a dual control version for pilot training and alternative bomb loads up to 250lb (113kg) under each wing.
The P.85B, Merlin-powered version, with side view of the P.85A Hercules version.
The P.85 floatplane, Hercules-powered.
The P.94, an advanced single-seat version of the Defiant.
Blackburn Roc - L3084 on air test - and built by Boulton Paul!
Model of the Blackburn O30/35, dated July 1937.
Artist's impression of the P.103 over a fleet carrier.
Equipment layout for the P.103A, Griffon-powered.
Three-view of the Centaurus-powered P.103B.
Blackburn Skuas, the type from which the turret-equipped Roc was developed.
The prototype Hawker Hotspur K8309 - built to Specification F9/35.