Air Enthusiast 2003-07
T.Buttler - UK jet pioneers (2)
Pastoral view of LZ548, one of two DH.100 prototypes.
DH.99 drawing, dated May 23, 1941, showing a six-cannon overload arrangement.
Gloster four-jet bomber drawing P.109 dated November 24, 1941.
First prototype of the Supermarine Attacker, TS409.
As well as the Spiteful/Seafang wing, the tail wheel layout showed TS409's design origins.
One of the most aesthetically pleasing jets ever, the Hawker P.1040 prototype VP401.
P.1040 VP401 was converted to mixed powerplant format with an Armstrong Siddeley Snarler rocket as well as the Nene, as the P.1072. It is illustrated at Bitteswell under flight test in mid-1951.
Nose view of the Hawker P.1040 prototype VP401, September 1947.
Model of the Hawker P.1040 with 'Tempest' wings made by Joe Cherrie Snr. It is possible that the drawing this was made from actually showed the P.1035.
After moving to English Electric Petter produced this unarmed jet bomber design with a single centrifugal engine housed in fuselage.
Mock-up of the Miles M.52 cockpit/escape pod dumped at Woodley.
Surviving wind tunnel model of the Miles M.52.
Miles M.52.
The SR.A1 prototype TG263 afloat at Cowes.
Westland wind tunnel model of what is believed to be the J.8 Delanne high-altitude fighter of June 1942.
Rough sketches made in 1945 by Rab Page, Petter's Assistant at Westland, of the J.14 Delanne high-altitude fighter and J.15 jet fighter. These are the only known illustrations of these designs.
Model by Joe Cherrie of the Westland P.1056.
Wooden model of the Westland jet fighter of January 1945.
The prototype Westland Welkin, DG558, showing off its long wings and miniscule nose.